Fair Green History Group

(See also The Story of Diss Fair and Betjeman film of Diss)

The Fair Green History Group…

Fair Green History Group at the Taste of Diss picnic on Fair Green

…is a loosely constituted organisation formed by a small number of Fair Green residents in 2007 to locate and collect information and artefacts relating to the history of Fair Green, Diss and its environs and to share them with the residents of Fair Green and other interested people.

To date we have collected some memories of residents, researched census returns and located a number of historic maps and photographs of the Green.

In the past we have arranged for small displays of items relating to the history of the Green to be on view at open air events on Fair Green.  We also displayed an exhibition in 2009, again on the history of Fair Green and its fairs, in Diss Museum.

We are actively seeking any memories of people who live or have lived on The Green, artefacts and any old newspaper cuttings relating to Fair Green.  Is there anyone willing to speak to residents about their personal history so we can put it on to a computer?  Also, is there anyone out there who has first hand (or even second hand) knowledge of the “elephant” buried on Fair Green?

We are happy to welcome new members to our Group who meet about every six weeks
Please contact Suzanne Kayne on 01379 641388 or suzannekayne@yahoo.co.uk if you can help or wish to be involved with any of the above.


4 Responses to Fair Green History Group

  1. Philip Clarke says:

    The story of the elephant being buried on Fair Green is covered in the Norfolk News of 19th October 1867, with the death occurring four days earlier. As it happens, a fortnight from today – that is Sunday, 15th October 2017 – will be the 150th anniversary of the death of “Madame Abdella”, a twenty year old female Burmese elephant.

    • garyalex says:

      Thanks for that information Philip. The next question is where exactly on Fair Green is Madame Abdella buried? Perhaps we should hold a commemorative ceremony for her on 15th October?

  2. Louise says:

    I used to live on fair sometime inbetween 1975 1978 i think it was number 7 we moved there as my dad got a job there as a baker the house came with the job im sure when u went out the back of the house it was ajoined to the back of the bakery i was about 5 or 6 so cant remember very much i do remember the fair coming to the green and also went to a school which was within walking distance but i dont know which one or were we didnt live there very long then we moved to a place called tivitshall st marys

    • garyalex says:

      Thanks for your message Louise. Do come back and visit. There is the Angel Cafe and the Cock Inn, with picnic tables, a table tennis table, and a very nice children’s area opposite.

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