About FGNA

Fair Green Neighbourhood Association (FGNA) is a community organisation made up of residents and friends of Fair Green. Its purpose is to manage and maintain the registered village green known as Fair Green, Diss, and the tracks around it, for the benefit of the wider community and the people who live around and near it.

Fair Green was owned for many years by the Diss Parochial Charities and maintained by Diss Town Council. In 2010 it was sold to a private individual, and then in 2016 it was resold. It is now leased to FGNA to manage and maintain it. This includes maintaining the trees, grass and playing areas on the Green, and maintaining the surface of the North and South tracks.

FGNA has sub-contracted the maintenance of the grassy areas to Diss Town Council but is keeping responsibility (and costs) of maintenance of the unadopted tracks and play area.

After many years of suffering with tracks full of potholes, we have  resurfaced them and put in gates to stop through traffic, as the tracks are legally meant only for access to residences. The results have been quite spectacular, with a great feeling of safety and reduced traffic.

We have obtained several grants from the local councils to upgrade the play area. See the report on the blog for the first and second upgrades.

FGNA has for many years organised public events on Fair Green including large public fairs in 2000, 2002 and 2004. More recently it has organised family picnics, including children’s entertainment, for the whole community, a pancake day, car boot sales, a summer fair and dog show. All of these have raised funds towards the refurbishing of the roads and the new gates.

FGNA is run on a day-to-day basis by a Committee, elected annually by the residents. All major policy decisions are made by residents’ meetings.

If you want to contact the committee on any matter, email andrewrackham@hotmail.com or garyalex@fair-green.net . You can get copies of the minutes of any meeting from suzannekayne@yahoo.co.uk .

The current members of the committee are:

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