Lovely family picnic

Last Saturday, 10th June, we had our family picnic for residents and their friends. We were blessed with lovely weather, but with quite a strong wind. Our usual tea stall was there too.

We had two bands perform for us. Lucy Kayne, the daughter of Suzanne and Steve, brought the Stanton Musicians where she is a violinist. They played two long sets of largely folk style music. In between we had a game of rounders, and a short set from Ukaholics Anonymous, a Diss-based group that includes Madeline Lees and sometimes Gary Alexander. They struggled to keep their music stands upright in the wind, but played well. Both groups were well appreciated by the crowd.

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2 Responses to Lovely family picnic

  1. Natasha says:

    Am moving to fair green from Essex in a few weeks and can not wait to be part of your wonderful community! Looking forward to being an active part of it all!

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