Fair Green has a new owner

For the past few years, Fair Green has been owned by Michael Goodier, who purchased it from the Diss Parochial Charities with the understanding that he would work with the Fair Green Neighbourhood Association who would manage it. Mike is owner/landlord of a number of properties around the Green and wanted to protect his investment.

It has been a good partnership, with Mike attending most of the FGNA committee meetings, and helping us in numerous ways. Especially, without his help we would not easily have been able to resurface the roads and install the gates. I think most people agree that this has made a huge difference to the Green. We no longer have through traffic and no longer have potholes!

Andrew Rackham

Andrew Rackham

Now Mike has sold the Green to Andrew Rackham and his brother Richard. Andrew is the current chair of the Committee, and has done a very good job. He intentions as new owner are to continue to let the Green serve the community as best it can.

Come to our AGM on Wednesday, 16th November at 7:30 in the Backspace behind the Angel Cafe, where you can meet Andrew and question him about his vision and plans for Fair Green.


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