new look for Play Area

I am especially proud of the Fair Green Play Area, as it is my own special project, within the Fair Green Neighbourhood Association. I look after it, inspect it regularly, and arrange for repairs and additions.

Here it is today.

overall view

overall view

We have just installed a new monkey bar piece, funded by the Town and District Councils, which is more suited to older children. The safety surfacing will soon vanish under the grass as it grows through. ( The basket swing and adrenaline slide safety surface looked the same when they were new.)

The old lime tree which we had to cut down recently has taken on a new life as seating and for climbing. It’s three sections are arranged more or less as they were when the tree was whole, and define a side to the play area.

It has changed dramatically since FGNA has taken responsibility for Fair Green in 2011. Here’s a photo showing what it was like back then.

Play Area in Sept. 2011

Play Area in Sept. 2011

The benches and the picnic tables are now aligned, for a better overall arrangement of the area.

I hope you all like it!

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1 Response to new look for Play Area

  1. Stephanie Franks says:

    Just wonderful to see all the improvements and the great interest taken in THE GREEN, it is an absolute gem of a place.

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