Sadly, a lime tree opposite the pub was removed today

This morning we had to cut down the middle lime tree opposite the Cock Inn. It was an old friend and we will miss it. We warned everyone that this was coming in the last Fair Green newsletter. We have since had the official permissions from the council.

Several months ago, we had a survey done of all our trees, as part of the Town Council’s overall tree survey. There were a number of recommendations, like removing various dead branches, and we followed all of them. The most serious was about this lime tree, which it said was diseased. The report recommended that we have a ‘resistograph test’ done, in which a hole is drilled into the trunk to see how serious the disease is. We did that and the result was that we were told to remove the tree.

We cut the trunk into three parts and will use them as informal seating around the play area. They are now in temporary locations, but we will discuss the final locations at our next meeting.

As soon as we can we will do some new planting to replace the one we have removed. We hope noone is too upset by this. We would not have done it if we had a choice.

IMG_2757 IMG_2758 IMG_2753 IMG_2749

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1 Response to Sadly, a lime tree opposite the pub was removed today

  1. Stephanie Franks says:

    On the plus side it must be wonderful for the people living opposite to enjoy some of the light of day into their house, no one likes to see trees removed without good cause

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