Successful work party today

We had about a dozen people coming out on a beautiful Saturday morning for our work party. We had a varied group, from young to old, new and long-time residents. Some did the physical work, some made tea and coffee.

We filled in lots of holes, removed stones, and added grass seed. Rackham’s supplied a JCB with earth and the grass seed. We also strimmed and tidied the ditches.

A very successful morning!

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1 Response to Successful work party today

  1. Stephanie Franks says:

    Hi, We would love to have come but this is the first time maintaining THE GREEN has come to our attention, more than happy to give a hand another time. We moved into a house in Tottington Lane nearly a year ago and walking over the green has got to be one of the highlights of the town Best Regards Stephanie and Alan Franks

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