Our lovely elephant picnic!

The weather wasn’t promising when we set up, but later it was hot and sunny, which drew the crowds. We counted about 100 people there, mostly families.

  • We had our 10 foot tall inflatable elephant (and thanks so much to Airtechs, who loaned it to us.)
  • Tim Holt-Wilson, a local historian and scientist formally opened our new Information Board
  • We had buskers, the Sunnyside Up Boys, who said this was the first stop in their world tour!
  • Local artist Peter Kent did a special elephant drawing for us that children could colour in.
  • We had elephant themed story-telling.
  • We had lots of stalls: tombola, face painting, find the elephant, and more.
  • We had a vintage London double decker bus.

What a lovely event!

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1 Response to Our lovely elephant picnic!

  1. A really enjoyable afternoon and it was SO lovely to see The Green being used by families relaxing in the unexpected sunshine

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