Traffic survey week underway

Residents have been out morning and evening this week surveying traffic through the North and South roads, and letting drivers know that the roads are not meant for through traffic.

We are finding that simply the presence of people with bright yellow jackets and signs acts as a big deterrent. Vehicles who start to turn into the roads, see us then back out and go the other way.

I did a stint yesterday evening, and was very nervous in advance. I anticipated angry exchanges with drivers. In reality, there were no arguments at all, but one van driver did say he was going to his home, then drove all the way through. In fact, it was very sociable (although chilly). We were joined by a few neighbours, and mostly had a pleasant chat.

If any more residents would like to help out, please see Rachel at 58 Denmark St.

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1 Response to Traffic survey week underway

  1. rachel says:

    I’d just like to publicly thank all the residents who have turned out to take part. I must particularly mention Keith: I’ve lost count of how many stints he has done. It’s all been worth it, the number of vehicles being stopped has rapidly dwindled. It seems that if drivers think they might be stopped they don’t bother trying. There should also be a story in both local papers this week to inform a wider audience. I realise that traffic will be back soon, but we have raised awareness of what that ‘access only’ means, and we will press on with getting a planning application in for the gates.

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